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Sherpa Software Announces Cloud-Based ESI Management Service

Attender Online Offers Security and Efficiency

PITTSBURGH, March 25, 2013 – Sherpa Software will enter the realm of cloud computing with Attender Online®, its new Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that can expand and extend a company’s information governance initiatives across a wide range of ESI repositories. The platform utilizes a secure hybrid approach to policy enforcement. Management components and configuration data are hosted in a secure SSAE 16 data center and are accessible from virtually anywhere that you have access to a web browser. This hosted service offers all the benefits of the cloud, but with business critical data never leaving the customer site, offering better security.

From the Attender Online hosted dashboard you can monitor system status, check notifications, initiate policies or view reports. Workflow design and ESI enforcement are performed by local software components ensuring that sensitive information is efficiently managed without ever leaving your organization.
Attender Online will be available to the public on April 3, 2013.

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Targeted specifically to compliance professionals, records managers and IT professionals,Attender Online currently can locate, inventory and manage ESI content contained in Microsoft Exchange mailboxes and archives, PST files, network file shares and user desktops. The modular design of the service allows new content sources to be easily added. Sherpa can even develop specialized agents to manage content within your custom business systems.

“There are many advantages to using a hosted solution such as Attender Online, but nothing is more important than security,” said Kevin Ogrodnik, president of Sherpa Software. “The policies customers create in the cloud are executed by software agents installed within their networks, meaning customers may manage business critical ESI without it ever having to leave the customer site. “This means you get the benefit of the cloud without the risk,” added Ogrodnik. “Attender Online’s secure hybrid approach ensures that sensitive information is efficiently managed without ever having to leave the customer network.”

Ogrodnik also cited scalability, simple deployment and speed as primary advantages of Attender Online.

How does Attender Online work?

• Customers begin by identifying the people or servers they wish to manage within the organization.
• They search for and link ESI repositories (mailboxes, hard drives, etc.) to each person or server.
• Using Attender Online’s flexible workflow architecture,customers can develop comprehensive policies that allow an organization to examine, copy, move, delete or report on ESI target data using a variety of selection criteria.
• They can create policies by combining a workflow with the appropriate groups, people or servers then begin running those policies on a scheduled basis to manage the environment.
• Finally, software agents installed within a customer’s network administer or enforce Attender Online policies. This secure hybrid approach ensures that sensitive information is efficiently managed without ever leaving that network.

“As Sherpa continues to move to a solutions-based strategy, Attender Online is a direct response to our customer’s evolving needs,” added Ogrodnik. “Attender Online offers our customers a cost-effective, efficient solution offering more flexibility and the best security possible to manage ESI from the cloud.”

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