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Information governance and records management: A question of strategy vs. tactics | Sherpa Software

The distinction between information governance (IG) and records and information management (RIM) represents a key element of corporate information management today and is one of the greatest challenges facing many companies. When a company wants to overhaul how it manages information, figuring out the balance between IG and RIM is often the first stumbling block. It […]

The future of information governance: What to expect | Sherpa Software

I posted a blog a few weeks ago to wrap up Sherpa Software’s experience at the Managing Electronic Records Conference (MER) 2014 called Murmurs of MER.  In that post, I promised to expand on several concepts that caught my attention during this enlightening event that focused a great deal of time and attention on the topic of […]

Proactive vs. Reactive eDiscovery: Which is best for you? | Sherpa Software

Having a good eDiscovery solution is one of the cornerstones of an effective information governance strategy. However, this is one area that many businesses still struggle with every year. According to a recent AIIM article, very few companies feel that they are prepared for the kind of full-scale eDiscovery activities that a court order might demand. […]

Just around the corner - Discovery Attender 3.91 | Sherpa Software

Currently in beta, Discovery Attender 3.91 will be released to a general audience in just a few weeks.  Included in this release are some helpful new features: Enhanced SharePoint Support Discovery Attender has supported the searching of document libraries in SharePoint 2007 and 2010 for some time. This new version extends that support to SharePoint […]

Product centricity vs. customer centricity at Sherpa | Sherpa Software

There’s a lot of talk within marketing circles about product centricity vs. customer centricity, and this got me thinking: where is it that Sherpa Software fits? We’ve been putting out great software products (if I may say so myself) for nearly 15 years – but we’re also very solution-oriented and have long strived to provide […]

Information governance certification: AIIM vs. ARMA | Sherpa Software

Those of you who read this blog regularly are aware that Sherpa has traditionally created tools that solve a particular information management challenge, such as enforcing email retention policies or performing eDiscovery. While those products have historically performed well, we’ve started addressing a new market mandate to identify, track, manage and dispose of information assets […]