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technical support

I have been in the technical support field for over 15 years in one capacity or another.  My daughter has been a competitive cheerleader for six years and a Hip Hop dancer for two of the six.  Needless to say, when I started working for a software company in a technical support capacity, I didn’t […]

Cinco de Mayo

It’s always interesting when you have a company event to watch how people participate in the process.  Each person tends to take on a role and assimilate themselves accordingly.  For example, you have the leaders, the problem solvers, the cheerleaders, the workers, and the thinkers/strategist among others.  I’m sure that each of you can understand […]

Explore practical solutions to challenges facing the records management community MER is the only conference exclusively focused on addressing the key operational, technical, and legal issues associated with the life-cycle management of electronic records. Through formal sessions, associated networking events and exhibitors, MER seeks to provide attendees with innovative and practical solutions. Sherpa Software has […]

Post image for Building a Collaborative eDiscovery Team

Over the last decade, the need to perform electronic discovery (eDiscovery) has become a fact of corporate life. What began in 2006 as a legal mandate prompted by amendments to the U.S. Rules of Civil Procedure, has rapidly spread to jurisdictions in other parts of the world. Whether the need to search for electronically stored information is […]

eDiscovery & Information Governance

The relationship between eDiscovery and Information Governance (IG) is one of shifting perspectives and is often defined differently by diverse experts.  Are they two different words for the same thing, can they be used interchangeably and why does it matter? One opinion seems to be that eDiscovery is based upon or synonymous  with Information Governance, while another strong belief is that eDiscovery is, […]

April Altitude IG Updates

by Rick Wilson on April 28, 2015

Update, April

This month’s Altitude IG updates include several new features for the recently released eDiscovery module and improvements to the connector/agent installation process. Here is the complete list: EDiscovery Search Updates Add the ability to cache results when performing an eDiscovery search Validate the syntax of eDiscovery keyword search criteria when creating the search Switch the […]