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Ballgame Sherpa Software

Here at Sherpa, we work hard providing information governance solutions that are reliable and affordable. But our days are not just about developing products, working with customers and writing blog articles – not at all. We like to enjoy ourselves as well;  and what better way to do so, than to take full advantage of […]

Office 365 roadmap: What to expect | Sherpa Software

Calling all Microsoft Office 365 users -Microsoft recently released the roadmap for the latest version!  To keep you informed on what to expect, check out the following list which explains the more significant changes: Apps for Excel Online and Office Preview for Word Online: Like the desktop versions of Excel and Word, apps will be coming […]

Sherpa Software | The Future of Networking

There has been some hype around network connection speed lately, specifically broadband speed. In 2011, Google released its own fiber-to-the-premises broadband service, called Google Fiber. This caused a huge splash in the world of connectivity when Fiber claimed to be “100 times faster than today’s average broadband speeds. ”1 The majority of the country has yet to […]

White Paper, Sherpa Software | EDiscovery in an Information Governance World

Continuing our focus on Information Governance (IG), a new whitepaper is now available from Sherpa Software.  Originally introduced as a blog post eDiscovery in an Information Governance World has been expanded to provide more detail to help practitioners and others understand the role of eDiscovery in overall information management field. 

From LotusScript to Java: Part 3 | Sherpa Software

Last time, we covered some Java basics: Java is case-sensitive. This is just something you will need to get used to, even if it does seem restrictive at first. Java is object-oriented. This should not be too difficult for most LotusScript developers, since we use classes and objects all the time in accessing Domino data. […]

Recently, Microsoft made waves in the corporate world by announcing that they were shuttering support for their popular operating system, Windows XP. Despite widespread adoption of Windows 7 in recent years (with 54% of current OS market share), the now decade-old XP still clocks in at second with 19% market share. Many companies around the […]