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Policies for IG strategy

In my last article, I talked about where to start with your information governance (IG) strategy. If you recall, I advised to focus on email management policies first because it is still the most searched data store for most companies and is easy to get your arms around. Email is stored centrally on designated servers […]

Is it IG or File Analysis

Anyone researching Information Governance (IG) will encounter the topic of File Analysis. Initially, these disciplines were related but not equivalent.  However as technology grows more all-encompassing, a new class of tools has been deployed which offer end to end file analysis, classification and remediation (FACR).  These processes form an essential building block for establishing an […]

eDiscovery & Information Governance

The relationship between eDiscovery and Information Governance (IG) is one of shifting perspectives and is often defined differently by diverse experts.  Are they two different words for the same thing, can they be used interchangeably and why does it matter? One opinion seems to be that eDiscovery is based upon or synonymous  with Information Governance, while another strong belief is that eDiscovery is, […]

April Altitude IG Updates

by Rick Wilson on April 28, 2015

Update, April

This month’s Altitude IG updates include several new features for the recently released eDiscovery module and improvements to the connector/agent installation process. Here is the complete list: EDiscovery Search Updates Add the ability to cache results when performing an eDiscovery search Validate the syntax of eDiscovery keyword search criteria when creating the search Switch the […]

Well, if you are a fan of the 1972 movie Jeremiah Johnson or Robert Redford for that matter, you probably recognize the title of this post.  It happens to be one of my favorite movies and seemed like a great way to alert everyone of some of the great articles, research and white papers available […]

Discovery Attender Keyword Tester

One of the greatest benefits of Discovery Attender is the variety of options that can be used for keyword searching. However, a significant amount of time can be expended on trial and error in crafting an appropriate search expression.  In this installment of our series of Discovery Attender features, we will investigate the Keyword Tester.  This helpful […]