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File Attender®

Network and User Hard Drive Archiving

File Attender is a Lotus Notes-based IM and file management software that manages the files on a user's hard drive or on a Domino server, which includes files on any random access storage that the user or server can address (File server, WORM, SANS, NAS, JukeBox, etc.). It provides administrators the ability to centralize files, and when archiving from a user hard drive, perform back-ups on a scheduled basis. File Attender was designed to be as non-invasive as possible. It is a platform independent, Domino-based file management tool that does not require any additional hardware or software.

Typical needs include the ability to:

  • Files on user hard drives and Domino servers
  • Domino IM logs
  • Files on any random access storage device
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General Features

  • Archive files and instant messages to a centralized location while leaving behind a shortcut to locate/open the archived file
  • Archive IM logs from Lotus Sametime, Google Talk, Yahoo Messanger and AIM
  • Collect a list of the files that exist
  • Copy the files to another location (e.g. file server)
  • Delete unnecessary files
  • Move the files to another location (e.g. file server)
  • Rename existing files
  • Manage files based on content (e.g. keywords) when used in conjunction with Discovery Attender for Notes

Tech Specs


  • Runs on Domino 6.x, 6.5x, 7.x and 8.x
  • Runs on all OS including IBM iSeries
  • No Domino architectural changes required
  • Uses LotusScript-based agents


  • Easy, non-intrusive Domino-based installation
  • Installed from a single Notes client to all servers
  • Server-based file management software - installed on Domino mail servers


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Best Practice Whitepapers

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  • Solving Key Management and Archiving Problems in Lotus Notes/Domino Environments Download
  • IT Governance in an IBM Lotus Software Environment Download

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