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Archive Attender®

Mailbox and PST Data Archiving Solution

Archive Attender is a full-featured data archiving solution designed to selectively move or copy messages from Exchange mailboxes and PST files to any storage device on the network. Archive Attender policies support a flexible range of criteria to support a wide variety of retention requirements. Whether you plan to archive email for space management or regulatory compliance, Archive Attender can support your Microsoft Exchange archiving needs.

Typical needs include the ability to:

  • Effectively manage email storage space
  • Consolidate PST files by importing them to a searchable archive
  • Work with existing storage hardware
  • Requires no changes to existing Exchange Server environment
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Archiving Features

  • Archive email from Exchange mailboxes and PST files
  • Replace original messages with plaintext or HTML-based stubs
  • Eliminate PST files by automating their discovery, identifying their owners and archiving their content into the archives
  • Generate stubs in user mailboxes to represent messages imported from PSTs
  • Enforce age policies on stubs left in user mailboxes
  • In addition to messages, archive Exchange email contacts, calendar entries, notes, tasks and journal entries
  • Customize email archiving policies to specific mailboxes, entire Exchange Servers or specific Active Directory groups
  • Archive Exchange email messages based on quotas, sender, subject, date, age, location and size
  • In conjunction with Mail Attender, archive emails and attachments based on keywords, attachment type, content, etc.

Compliance Features

  • Archive all incoming and outgoing messages from the Journal mailbox in native format
  • Search archived data for compliance, legal, HR, etc. requirements
  • Generate manager search views that can be used, through a web interface, to search the archives of a group of users
  • Maintain audit trails of all activity within the archive
  • Enforce retentions on archived data so information is automatically purged after its "useful" life
  • Optionally save searches of archived date for future recall of search criteria

Administrative Features

  • Product management can be driven with an administrative console and through Powershell scripts
  • Control users' access to the archives
  • Define process-scheduling windows based on flexible start and end items
  • De-duplication of archive locations for single-instance storage (SIS)
  • Move archived data to secondary storage for hierarchical storage management
  • Set criteria to automatically limit archive locations based on size or date of content
  • Optionally index all archived content for efficient search of the data
  • Copy search results from the archive into a mailbox or a PST file
  • Use the advanced reporting capability to test the results of an archiving policy prior to enforcing the policy

User Features

  • Optional web search given by administrator with options to restore or delete messages
  • Search archived messages based on keywords, sender, received date, archived date, etc.
  • Results shown in a list with descriptions or in a folder view in original format
  • Access archived messages via stubs and search remotely through OWA or RPC over HTTP

Tech Specs


  • Application console to setup the Exchange archiving policies or search archives
  • Does not require installation of any component on the Exchange Server
  • Multiple service components support distributed installations
  • Compatible with Exchange 2003, 2007 and 2010
  • Compatible with Outlook 2003 and higher

System Requirements

  • Windows Server 2003 or higher
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server 6.0 or higher
  • .NET framework version 3.5 (installed, if not present)
  • SQL Server 2008 Express Edition (or higher)
  • Approximately 150 MB for the Archive Attender console application


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Screen Shots

Attender Online is a cloud-based software that helps administrators manage electronic records and enforce policies.      Attender Online is a cloud-based software that helps administrators manage electronic records and enforce policies.      Attender Online is a cloud-based software that helps administrators manage electronic records and enforce policies.      Attender Online is a cloud-based software that helps administrators manage electronic records and enforce policies. Attender Online is a cloud-based software that helps administrators manage electronic records and enforce policies.


Case Studies

  • HeoWorks
    HeoWorks Business Solutions, which provides outsourced IT and HR consulting services to companies in Victoria, British Columbia and the surrounding area, had implemented the FileSite document management system from Autonomy Interwoven. But the system, which stores all new emails in its database, was slowing the performance of its Microsoft Exchange environment...Read More
  • Hewlett Packard
    HP and Sherpa's collaborative partnership was a perfect fit for a state credit union that has recently made the decision to house and manage all of their email and electronic documents on site, as opposed to outsourcing email...Read More
  • Skaugen Petro-Trans, Inc.
    In an effort to get ahead of the compliance curve and have more internal insight into what type of emails were being sent, received and stored by their users, Skaugen began to look for an archiving solution to manage and archive information from their users' mailboxes...Read MOre

Customer Testimonials

  • Kevin Staley, MIS Administrator, AC Controls Co.
    Being a small company (60 mailboxes) we carefully screened email archiving solutions for both richness of feature set and affordability. Sherpa ended up on our short list and we have been using their solution now for one year. Initially concerned about Exchange Server storage space, this solution has efficiently met that requirement and also enhanced our search and retrieval of archived emails. Thanks to a solid product and world class customer service and support, we continue to be satisfied customers.
  • Kevin Kutzera, Director of IT, Ogden Murphy Wallace PLLC
    Archive Attender has completely fulfilled our expectations. On the rare occasion I've had to call for technical support the staff has been extremely helpful.
  • LinkedIn Reviews

    • Owner at IT Services Firm
      Prior to discovering Sherpa Archive Attender - I spent a weekend a month manually archiving users emails to pst's and maintaining backups. Archive Attender allowed me the freedom to do it from the back-end and automate the backup process as well. Thank you Sherpa.
    • IT Director at Construction Materials Supplier
      Archive Attender allowed us to shrink our Exchange Databases over 70% - which shaved hours off of our backup times, and restore times. Our Help Desk tickets for PST-related items have disappeared since we were able to import them into Archive Attender (using the PST importer), and disable PSTs for users. Now users have the ability to keep every email, without nagging emails about their mailbox size, and IT doesn't have to nag them to clean it up. It has been a great solution for us.
    • Partner at Small/Midsized Law Firm
      We've been using Archive Attender for quite some time now and find that it (1) works as advertised and (2) is easy to learn and use. We started using it upon the recommendation of our IT consulting company and they themselves also use it. The most obvious benefit has been the fact that it automatically archives older emails, at the same time allowing us to set the policies in a way that suits each individual user. All in all, we are very satisfied with the product and highly recommend it.
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