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Discovery Attender® for Windows

Electronic Search and Discovery

Fast and easy setup for quick response to urgent cases

Discovery Attender is a software tool designed to automate the search and collection of electronically stored information across a variety of platforms. This cost-effective solution enables in-house talent to identify and gather responsive information in a timely, defensible manner. Up and running in minutes, Discovery Attender streamlines the process of locating and producing data for eDiscovery requests, compliance, internal investigations and much more.

Typical needs include the ability to:

  • Find & collect data for a variety of data sources for security audits, compliance or eDiscovery
  • Reduce time and costs associated with eDiscovery and internal investigations
  • Locate Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in files and email
  • Allow in-house talent to search and produce responsive information in a timely and defensible manner

Unlike other eDiscovery solutions, Discovery Attender equips your entire team with a robust, turn-key solution without costing your company a fortune. From customizable searching to securing responsive items from a variety of sources, thousands of customers have experienced success. Register for the FREE trial and see for yourself!

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  • Secure, find and extract messages, attachments and loose files from a variety of data stores including:
    • Microsoft Exchange – On-premise or Office 365 – Mailboxes, Archives, Public Folders
    • Outlook Personal Folders (PST Files) in ASCII or Unicode format
    • SharePoint – document libraries, wikis, blogs, attachments and more
    • File shares, hard drives and local machines
    • Container or compressed files like zip, rar, tar
    • Email stored in NSF files, MSG files, EML files
    • Common file formats like Word, Excel, PDF, etc.
  • Intuitive interface for search creation, monitoring and review
  • Customizable criteria include keywords, dates, addresses, size and types
  • Keyword options include lists, phrases, proximity, regular expressions, and Boolean logic
  • Identify secondary criteria using automatic labels
  • Integrated expression testers and review options

Result Organization & Review

  • User-friendly interface for management of result items
  • Integrated text viewer for hit highlighting and review
  • Custom data deduplication based on user criteria and hashes
  • Compare searches for efficient production
  • Custodian management for effective grouping
  • Annotation, marking and labeling of result items for ease of review
  • Filters by location, custodian, address, types or custom fields
  • Optional index to further refine data set

Data Reporting & Retrieval

  • Numerous options for exporting results in native format including PST, NSF, MSG, EML
  • Views and reports by keywords, file type, domains and addresses
  • Flexible reports detailing search criteria, statistics and result items
  • Full listing of all results with metadata
  • Log, detail and export of exceptions
  • Custom exceptions


  • Simultaneous processing of multiple data stores
  • Robust audit trail and chain of custody reporting
  • Key properties of message and file results stored locally
  • Fully accessible back-end database for custom queries
  • Includes fully featured utility for exporting and converting IMAP, NSF, OST and more

Tech Specs


  • Small footprint, easy to install, easy-to-use
  • Installed on a desktop , server, or virtualized machine
  • Fully portable, centrally accessible projects
  • Non-intrusive - Most functionality requires no additional agents or services

System Requirements

Discovery Attender runs as a stand-alone application on your desktop or server. Standard functionality requires no further agents or services. Requirements include:

  • Windows 7 or higher, Windows Server 2008, R2 or higher
  • 2 GHz or higher CPU
  • 2 gigabytes of RAM or higher
  • Outlook 2007, SP2 or higher
  • Net Framework Version 4.5
  • Approximately 100 MB free hard drive space for the installation. Additional hard drive space will be required as projects, searches and (optional) indexes are created.
  • Local administrator rights
  • Permissions to the targeted data stores


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Discovery Attender      Discovery Attender


Case Studies

  • Reservoir Capital Group
    A privately held investment firm with $4.5 billion under management, purchased Sherpa Software's Discovery Attender for Exchange. The purchase was a response to an inquiry from Reservoir's internal legal team regarding the need to locate files that were relevant to a specific legal matter...Read More
  • Allegheny Energy
    An investor-owned utility with $3 billion in annual revenues has a variety of needs related to data discovery. The process is complicated by the size of its staff (over 4,000 employees) and the amount of data (more than 40 terabytes) it manages...Read More

Customer Testimonials

  • Diane Pittman, Data Concierge, Babst, Calland, Clements & Zomnir, PC
    "We've found Discovery Attender to be an absolutely essential tool for eDiscovery, with uses far beyond searching Outlook emails. It's got a great UI, and we especially like the robust search-builder. We've found it useful for non eDiscovery tasks as well, such as file-type analysis, general searching, moving and copying. We're still trying out the new de-duping features and are pleased with how they function."
  • Mark Gainer, Director of Information Technology, Banker Steel
    "Sherpa's eDiscovery solution enabled us to save in excess of $9,000 in forensic and legal fees, and we are still expanding our use of the product. Beyond the bottom-line cost savings, we have been thrilled by the knowledge and professionalism of Sherpa's support staff, which has helped us to maximize the effectiveness of their solution. The low cost and high quality of the people and product have made our investment in Sherpa a great one."
  • Mark Mrotek, Information Security Manager, Universal Technical Institute
    "We've been a Discovery Attender customer for years, use it from time to time, and it works consistently - every time. We were recently hit with a high-visibility, time-critical eDiscovery request that required us to perform far more exhaustive and granular searches than before. I contacted Tech Support, and not only were they helpful in assisting with correcting some long-time-poor Search practices that we were employing, but they offered a 1-hour training session to cover Discovery Attender use and administration. Within minutes it was clear just how many features we were not using - all included with the core product - that made the [seemingly impossible] eDiscovery request borderline simple. Bottom line, once the features of Discovery Attender were used as the Sherpa developers designed, it opened countless doors and options that weren't previously utilized. We now use the product for more than periodic Discovery requests. It has become an irreplaceable tool in our systems administration processes."
  • Joel Commaford, Network Administrator, Nott Company
    "I would say Discovery Attender is unique in that it is the only tool I saw that allows me to search for all types of items from the same interface (files, mail items, offline archive mail, etc.). It does everything I wanted it to do and was easy to set up and use. The service Sherpa Software offers to get you up and running with training is also unique - it was very easy to reach support for any questions I had. They want you to use their software, but equally important is to know "how" to use the software. I would comfortably recommend Discovery Attender."

LinkedIn Reviews

  • Forensics Manager at Mid-Sized Law Firm
    "Working at a law firm means searching lots and lots of email...often! Discovery Attender has proven to be one of the most effective tools in my arsenal for this purpose. The ease of use, detailed reporting and exceptional results make this product invaluable. The courteous and responsive staff at Sherpa are a great bonus as well - not only are your questions/issues addressed almost immediately, but they are worked on by the right people from the start."
  • Information Management Manager at Australian Trade Organization
    "Discovery Attender has become our eDiscovery tool of choice. Its easy to use, has a large search capacity, easy reporting and cheap. Great product.""
  • Senior Systems Engineer at Fortune 500 Government Contracting Firm
    "Working for a government entity, Freedom of Information Act [FOIA] requests are a way of life. Discovery Attender has allowed us to become fully compliant in providing timely, concise and accurate results from diverse data types while searching over 8000 users and multiple networks. Sherpa Software and their service and sales department were very flexible and accomodating by extending our trial keys several times during the 3 months we were evaluating the product; a true professional's professional.""


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