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Mail Attender® for Exchange

Mailbox and PST Management & Migration

Mail Attender is a comprehensive tool for Microsoft Exchange email management. Mail Attender rules can manage content stored in mailboxes, network PST files, desktop PST files, Online Archives or public folders. Combine a flexible set of conditions and actions into scheduled rules to copy/move/delete message content, formulate custom reports or gather statistical information about Exchange data. Customers with dispersed PST content on user workstations can discover, and manage, that information by deploying the Mail Attender‘s desktop agent. Mail Attender is the most comprehensive tool available to help you manage Microsoft Exchange email.

Typical needs include the ability to:

  • Easily migrate PST content to Exchange Archives on-premises or in the cloud
  • Reduce Exchange storage space by applying custom retention policies
  • Discover and manage PST content stored on user workstations
  • Gain insight into the Exchange environment with on-board statistics
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Policy Enforcement

  • Enforce policies within PST files (including those on users' local hard drives), mailboxes and public folders
  • Create rules for managing PST files and mailboxes on a group, user or individual basis
  • Manage legal, regulatory and corporate email compliance needs
  • Query Active Directory for mailbox resources
  • Functionality is transparent to end-users with no disruption of email service

PST Administration

  • Locate all PST files (network and desktop)
  • Report on PST files and their location
  • Access and manage content within desktop and network PST files
  • Export information out of PST files
  • Enforce corporate policies within PST file and mailboxes files concurrently

Data Transfer & Migration

  • Simple, secure data transfer between any email store (mailbox, PST, Public Folder, Online Archive)
  • Use policies to manage and move data between email stores
  • Migrate data from one store type to another

Content Administration

  • Manage mailbox and PST data based upon actions such as delete, move, export, copy, forward, replace and change status
  • Customizable rule criteria includes: keywords, age, size, name, date, type, status and wildcards
  • Powerful searching of message subject, body and attachments
  • Immediately locate and eliminate all known virus infected attachments
  • Search recovered items folders (dumpsters)

Storage Management

  • Seamlessly examine the growth rate of desktops, servers and the enterprise
  • Size and age policy enforcement eliminates files overusing space
  • Zip large attachments
  • Eliminate non-business and expired data
  • Copy or archive individual public folder branches for easy recovery

Usage & Reporting

  • Extensive statistical reporting of mailboxes, PST files and public folders
  • Collect specific usage data to make informed decisions
  • Report on age, size and content of messages (such as: attachments, users, folders or servers)
  • Measure space utilization and reclamation statistics
  • Email, share and post reports automatically
  • Alert administrators and users to utilization limits and problems
  • Warn users of flagged items of concern

Tech Specs


  • Works with Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 & Office 365
  • Flexible console deployments support distributed environments
  • Uses Outlook 2003 (or higher) MAPI libraries
  • Smooth, efficient communication between the master service and the desktop processing engines
  • Data maintained in an ODBC compliant database (Access or SQL Server)

System Requirements

  • Windows XP/Server 2003 (or higher)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (installed automatically as needed)
  • MDAC 2.7
  • Outlook 2003 (or higher) or Exchange Server CDO MAPI
  • Approx. 150MB footprint on installation (additional space may be required for database growth)


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Case Studies

  • Eastman Kodak
    Eastman Kodak, a name synonymous with photography itself, needed a solution that would enable it to comply with its legal department's request for more strict email management. Specifically, legal mandated that documents stored in end-user's email applications must be deleted...Read More
  • CNF
    CNF is a leading provider of global supply chain solutions for a wide range of manufacturing, industrial, retail and government customers. The challenge presented to the CNF Email management team was to support a newly created corporate mail policy...Read More
  • Humberside Police
    Information technology is fundamental to the practice of modern policing. Effective use of ever-evolving computer technologies helps to deliver an efficient and effective service. In an effort to manage their new email environment, including the ability to search the system for emails or attachments containing pre-specified content...Read More
  • Kaspick & Company
    Kaspick & Company is a provider of trust account investment and management services to non-profit institutions. Currently, Kaspick & Company manages over two billion dollars in trusts for over 50 major U.S clients. Because they are a financial services company, there are certain rules that govern their client communications...Read More
  • Schenker
    As one of the world's largest logistics providers and transportation companies, Schenker has over 1,000 branches worldwide. In their seven Netherlands branches, over 2,000 internal and 1,500 external emails were being sent each day. This activity resulted in an increased strain on the servers from runaway disk space for PST files...Read More

LinkedIn Reviews

  • Information Security Specialist at Energy Provider
    Mail Attender for Exchange is an invaluable software product we use daily. The simplicity of the application mixed with the high level of Exchange functionality has saved us countless hours of labor. This is a well made application with a great support team who have not only saved us time, but have really met our business needs.
  • Systems Support Specialist at Communications Provider
    We purchased Mail Attender for Exchange a little over a year ago to help meet our email retention policy that was implemented to make our lawyers and SOX auditors happy. I would recommend Mail Attender to anyone. The software is simple and straightforward to use. I did not have any issues setting it up, or figuring anything out. Tech support is great too for the product. Makes meeting our new email retention policy so easy to control and manage.
  • Technology Strategist at Cloud Messaging Provider
    Hunting round the network for all those PST files the users have created is never going to be anyone's idea of fun, similarly with extracting data from Exchange. Luckily the team at Sherpa make these tasks much less of a headache; Mail attender takes the hard work out of managing PST files; and means the IT team isn't tied up with a laborious manual process and can get on with other projects like that Exchange 2010 or Office 365 migration.
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