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Report Attender®

Data Analysis and Early Case Assessment Software

Report Attender is a data analysis software for early case assessment designed to help organizations answer critical questions about the content, age, size, and importance of electronically stored information. This stand-alone software gathers and distills important details to identify the items that are stored in your network shares and email servers. Summary reports, drill down views, vibrant charts, and custom options provided by Report Attender assist you in making informed decisions for early case assessment (a pre-cursor to e-discovery), administration, litigation, compliance and much more.

Supported Content Sources

  • PST Files
  • Exchange Mailboxes
  • Exchange 2010 Online Archives
  • Files on Local or Network Directories
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General Features

  • Practical, easy-to use interface
  • Robust scanning engine
  • Report on contents of file shares and email stores
  • Scan PST files, Exchange Mailboxes and Online Archives
  • Collect data on file shares and local drives
  • Uncompress container files (.zip, .tar, and many more)
  • Parse email attachments
  • Collect address statistics
  • Identify duplicate emails and documents

Early Case Assessment

  • Make informed decisions before processing data for e-discovery purposes
  • Analyze data sets for key details
  • Categorize file types for accurate estimates
  • 'Unknown' file identification
  • Determine custodians via email properties
  • Uncompress containers and collect attachment statistics for complete overview

System Analysis

  • Provide answers to compliance questions
  • Identify items cluttering storage
  • Highlight redundant file usage
  • Determine the age of data sets

Reporting Features

  • Summary and detailed reports
  • Full color charts and detailed tables
  • Views data by type, date, store, duplicates and more
  • Address and domain breakdown by 'Sender', 'On Behalf Of', 'To', 'CC' and 'BCC'
  • Options to Export reports to PDF, CSV
  • Drill-down details to analyze sub-sets
  • Inventory all items

Custom Options

  • Choose options via an intuitive wizard
  • Create custom categories
  • User-assigned extensions
  • 'Unknown' file identification
  • Easily filter table and view data
  • Combine statistics, or view independently

Tech Specs


  • Supports Exchange 2003 and above
  • Works with ASCII and Unicode PSTs
  • Non-intrusive, small footprint, local installation
  • Installed and running in minutes
  • Can be installed on desktop or server
  • No agents to distribute
  • No internet access required

System Requirements

  • Windows XP or higher
  • 2GHz or higher CPU
  • 2 GB of RAM or higher
  • Outlook 2003 or higher (for email parsing only)
  • .NET Framework, version 3.5
  • Permissions to targeted network shares and mail stores


Report Attender Overview

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