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eDiscovery Solutions

Data Search and Collection for Businesses

Automated search and collection of electronically stored information.

Electronic discovery (or eDiscovery) is a critical aspect of information governance in both corporate environments and non-corporate entities such as government agencies, schools, law firms and non-profits. However, many organizations struggle to respond to requests from litigation, subpoenas, and governmental inquiries such as Freedom of information Act (FOIA) requests or even internal investigations. This can be problematic because most of these entities are liable for the electronically stored information (ESI) that flows through their IT systems. To aid in the smooth running of day-to-day business, it is imperative that a clear set of procedures and tools are in place to respond to crucial document requests.

It is often difficult to know where to start putting together a plan of action. Processes to respond to inquiries may be nonexistent or poorly documented. In addition, these challenges in preparedness are often tied to poor information management practices. Since many companies grow organically, they tend to scrape by with basic tools and procedures (often implemented ad hoc to ‘get the job done’ without a view towards the future). These organizations, which can be of any size, end up with a mix of systems and no coherent way to regulate, classify, extract or search vast stores of data in a timely manner. This chaos causes bottlenecks in everything from routine IT tasks to outside requests for information and legal proceedings. The steps in issuing ligation holds, reviewing data or even simply answering questions on locations and volume of data are often not streamlined, nor can they be audited. This makes critical, time-sensitive obligations (legal or otherwise) costly, stressful and potentially disruptive in day-to-day business. These negative consequences can be even more damaging if they include lost business, adverse court decisions or government sanctions.

Sherpa's suite of eDiscovery software solutions uses proprietary search technology to help you navigate these challenges to quickly find and produce critical data. Options range from standalone software tools to enterprise search capabilities featuring ease of use, streamlined deployment and fully defensible processes.